We are two girls who met in our tutus in ballet class and here we are more than two decades later still great friends and now business partners.

Geneviève: It's all in the details!
Favorite PP Dress: Lolita
Favorite Mini Style: Bohemian 
Favorite Colour: What's colour? White, black, grey & neutrals
Favourite Look: Anything lacey
Favorite Mini Trend: Palazzo pants
Your Hero: Jesus & Mom
Favorite Celebrity: Chrissy Teigen, J-Lo & Martha Stewart
What Did You Want To Be When You Were Small: A marine biologist
Favorite Cartoon Growing Up: The Little Mermaid
Favorite Food: Tacos & Deep fried ice cream
Name One Thing Karen Loves The Most About You: I'm fearless
Name One Thing Karen Could Strangle You For: My OCD!
Music That Makes You Happy: Country & Hip Hop
Fun Fact: I'm a plant hoarder

Karen: Show me the numbers!
Favorite PP Dress: Cassia
Favorite Mini Style: Feminine & flowy
Favorite Colour: PINK
Favourite Look: Ruffles
Favorite Mini Trend: Rich textures
Your Hero: My Dad
Favorite Celebrity: Channing Tatum
What Did You Want To Be When You Were Small: A nurse
Favorite Cartoon Growing Up: Care Bears
Favorite Food: Tacos & Lemonade
Name One Thing Gen Loves The Most About You: How organized I am
Name One Thing Gen Could Strangle You For: I'm frugal 
Music that makes you happy: R&B
Fun Fact: I'm an extreme couponer

Petites Poupées is a Canadian Label renowned for its’ exquisite collection of fashion forward apparel. Our online store provides you with an array of beautiful style solutions and accessories for your little girls. Offering a range of sizes from nb-8 years, Petites Poupées is the one stop shop for the fashion conscious mom!

We strongly believe that every girl deserves a beautiful wardrobe, which is why our gorgeous pieces are available for your Petite Poupée at affordable prices through our distribution.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

 Gen & Karen xoxo